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Want to show Clinton your support?

You can write him at:

Clinton Young #999447
D.R. Polunsky Unit
3872 F.M. 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351
United States of America

Before you start writing, please take into account the following:
  1. Write the address clearly on the envelope;
  2. Make sure to write the marked letters and numbers in red or any other bright color, as mail sometimes gets lost in the prison;
  3. If you would like to receive a response, include your own address;
  4. Don’t put anything of value in the envelope, because it is against the rules and will be taken out by the guards. Only letters or photos can be send (greeting cards are no longer allowed as of March 2020). Also, colored paper en colored ink are not allowed. Only plain white paper and blue or black pen are allowed;
  5. Be aware of the fact that anything you send, will be read by the prison staff.
  6. Remember that your letter is supposed to be a way of encouragement. We therefor ask you to not write extensively about your own life and problems.

Death row inmates do not have many ways to communicate with the outside world. They cannot make phone calls, unless it is to their attorneys. Visits are limited to both the number of people and the amount of visits a death row inmate can have each week. They do not have access to a computer or the internet. Death row inmates in Texas are in their cells for 22 hours a day, in solitary confinement. So, while our communication is mostly done through social media, internet and our smart phones, death row inmates can only communicate through regular mail. 

Receiving mail means a short distraction from daily prison life in solitary confinement. That is why it is so important to send a letter, so the inmates know they have people outside that think about them. Even by just saying hello, you could brighten up their day. We encourage everyone to write Clinton a letter. Clinton Young would also greatly appreciate all mail he gets.