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Since Clinton’s execution is scheduled for this month, we are currently working really hard to make sure his execution is (at least) stayed. Because the hearing takes place only 10 days prior to Clinton’s execution date, we felt we needed to take action right now. This is the reason we have sent out detailed letters to the following people and organizations, to ask them to help us in our fight to (at least) stay Clinton’s execution:

* The US Ambassador of The Netherlands Mr. Schuwer;
* The Ambassador of the United States in The Hague Mr. Crowley;
* Prime Minister of Canada Mr. Justin Trudeau;
* Senator in the State of Texas Mr. E. Lucio, Jr.;
* Texas Representative Alma Allen;
* Texas Representative Jessica Farrar;
* Texas Representative Donna Howard;
* Texas Representative Harold Dutton;
* Sister Helen Prejean;
* Texas Moratorium Network;
* Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty;
* Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty;
* Equal Justice USA;
* Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement;
* Campaign to End the Death Penalty;
* Students against the Death Penalty;
* A total of 8 pastors in Texas who sent a letter to the Governor of Texas last year asking him to halt Jeff Wood’s execution.

The US Ambassador of The Netherlands, Mr. Schuwer, already confirmed that both he and the European Union Ambassador in Washington, have reached out to the Governor of Texas, Mr. Abbott, and asked him to stay the execution of Clinton Young.

We will continue to update you of any news in Clinton’s case.