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On June 8, Clinton wrote the following message. He needs your help! As you might know, visitation has been canceled for months now due to COVID-19. Clinton has an idea on how that can possibly change. He asks you to send an email to the organizations below. Please read his message first. Below his message you can find a sample message from us and the email addresses to which you can send it.

Thank you for your help!

Message from Clinton

Greetings to the smartest and greatest people in all of Fakebookdom. I know that yall sorely missed me. Though never fear, for I am here. Having the foundation post this due to a problem. As you all know I am about solutions. Visitation is canceled due to COVID-19. Prison officials have declared no end in sight. This is very distressing. More so for those of us on death row in Texas and segs that cannot have the same telephone access as general population prisoners. Another problem was the police brutality death of George Floyd. Many corporations are stepping up to play a bigger role in criminal justice issues.

Problems? Solutions!

It came to me how visitation could open back up and testing could be done. Abbott is a company that does the quick Corona test. Abbott ID NOW. The test takes 5 – 15 minutes. Abbott could donate the test machines to prisons. Starting with Polunsky Unit in Texas. If not donate, work some deal with states to provide the machines at prisons. Texas prisons are spread out, so people travel far and wide to visit a loved one. A visitor could be tested before entering the prison. Test results could be sent to the health services for the state. This would help the state keep track of areas of the state with new cases. They are wanting to keep track of people in the state anyways. Texas always seem to take issue with money. Until a vaccine is developed and as way to recover cost of machines. Could even charge $3 per visitor. I generally would be against such a thing. Though I gather that $3-5 for a test would be cheaper than at a clinic. Abbott could pitch in as a way to help with a criminal justice issue. This allows people to see family members & loved ones. Increases the level of testing being done around the state of Texas. Also the machine can be used to test guards. The general public benefits as the state can then detect possible new flare ups and divert resources to those areas. People that otherwise wouldn’t be getting tested, would then be tested. Some every week, as they come to visit each week. TDCj, while the prisons have banned visitation, has started testing all people in prison with the swab test. They just done Polunsky Unit June 6th and 7th. I do not know how exactly everything would be sorted. That would take place between Abbott, Texas government, and TDCj officials. From my understanding the Abbott testing kits are cheap. I have asked Merel to include the contact information of the director of TDCj, Abbott company, Texas government to have you all email this message to each of them. I know, you all are thinking: “Clinton how is it possible that you always come up with such great ideas?” What can I say? Great is just what I do. Like I told you all before. Its like the old country song by Mac Davis “Hard to be humble”. It does get hard to be humble, though I try! 🙂 Ha. Please email the various people, so hopefully visits can start back up. Starting with Polunsky Unit which has no cases at this time. Thus is safest start! Thank you!

I remain, Clinton Lee Young.

Sample email

Here is a sample email from us which you can send to the organizations that Clinton mentioned in his message and are listed at the bottom of this page.

To whom it may concern,

Prison visitation in Texas has—understandably—been suspended for a couple months now due to COVID-19. Thousands of prisoners are therefore not able to have visits with their loved ones. Legal consultation has also been compromised. Especially for those in solitary confinement, for example offenders on death row and in administrative segregation, these are difficult times. I have learned that Abbott Laboratories has created the ID NOW test, which allows for an extremely fast and accurate diagnosis of COVID-19. I would respectfully ask you to consider to place certain test machines in prisons, so that visitation can resume as visitors could then be tested prior to entering the prisons. This not only helps the state of Texas in detecting the virus, but also enables prisoners to have visits with their loved ones again.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,

[Your name]

You can send this message to the Texas Governor via (or fill out this form) and TDCJ via