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Now that justice for Clinton is finally within reach, we are going to need to work even harder, and more funding is needed. We are working on some really cool projects that will help gain a lot of attention for Clinton’s case and hopefully contribute to him receiving the justice and fair trial he deserves. However, we cannot do this alone. We need your help to reach our goals.

Those who know Clinton, know that he will normally not ask people to make donations or give money. However, Clinton also knows that we cannot fully operate without us having access to the funds we need. He has therefore made the rare exception to ask his supporters for help. On February 9, 2021, Clinton wrote the following message:


Hope all is good.
Things are moving along. More blogs and etc. to come. As I have detailed, the foundation is growing in many ways. Faster than expected. I have to bring some other people on board as I am piling too much on people. The goal is to get to where, as mentioned have paid staff to help tackle other non-death penalty convictions where people aren’t guaranteed lawyers. Yeah, my fight is still front and center. Though the Foundation is becoming a more dynamic organization. People are thinking about stepping in to help accomplish these goals. It is important though that they see that we can accomplish things. I have very rarely asked you all for anything. By my nature I dislike asking for help. I tend to go with a default ‘I am okay’ answer. Now I need help. Not just for myself, but for the vision of the Foundation. I have to show the Foundation can raise funds. I know recently a fundraiser was done. I thank all that helped. Thank you! Though it is often a bit different when I ask, is what people tell me. I am asking everyone to please donate something. Now I understand it is hard times right now. While I wish every person could donate $100, I understand that is not feasible. Even if you can only donate $5. It helps. I am asking everyone to donate this month and in March. While the amount raised always matters, the key right now is also the number of people willing to donate. More so on a steady basis. Those that just donated, will count that as a January donation for the sake of the people who are taking interest in the Foundation. This way I can say, hey people done it for three months. If you want to get it set up where you donate something each month. Great! Thank you. I am just asking for two months now, so I can show the people that this Foundation is serious and worth being involved with.You can donate to the US or Dutch Foundation. If you are unable to donate online, there is a PO Box that can receive donations via postal service. I need to make sure I have all the tools available to win, once given a new trial. Plus as mentioned, to be able to accomplish goals. This message will be posted again in March.

Thank you.

Take care, Clinton

For the past 7 years, but especially in the last couple of months, the Foundation has been working incredibly hard to expand its activities and get more attention for Clinton’s case on a national level. Not only does this cost a lot of time, it also costs money. And even though the Foundation has a dedicated team of 9 people now, we still cannot operate to the best of our abilities without your help and support. In order to cover our expenses, we rely completely on your donations.

We are asking you to support us as we fight to get a fair trial for Clinton – and you can do this by donating. We want to raise a total of $5,000 by April 15. Every amount is deeply appreciated, and we know that the gifts of our supporters is to help save Clinton’s life. Please help us reach our goal by signing up for a recurring monthly donation of $5.

To donate via iDeal or PayPal, please click here.
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If you cannot make a donation yourself, then we would like to ask you to please share this message with your family and friends.