Paul Bloom

Paul met Merel and the Clinton Young Foundation through Emily Bloom in November of 2019. He started helping out as soon as he learned that Merel had to rent a car to get to Livingston any time she had a visit with Clinton. After that first roadtrip, he learned a good deal about Clinton’s case from the documentary on Amazon and knew he had to keep helping Merel. Whether it’s been making sure Merel had a place to live and study for the Texas bar exam, or helping found the American arm of the Clinton Young Foundation with Merel and Emily, Paul is all in on helping Clinton, educating people about the problems with capital punishment, and pursuing abolition of the death penalty in the US.  As a board member of the Clinton Young Foundation, he is committed to all aspects of the foundation’s success and is focused on marketing and finances.

Paul is a success manager for a SaaS platform, spending his days jockeying through Excel and big data, while helping customers use a number of B2B AI solutions. Paul received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Connecticut in 2013, and a Masters of Education from the University of Texas in 2015. He has been a lifelong Texan – growing up in College Station for ten years and has been in Austin for eight years.

Paul joined the Foundation as an Executive Board Member in September of 2020.