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Nuala Gallagher

While studying Journalism at The University of Sheffield in 2006, Nuala watched Women on the Edge: The Truth about Styal Prison at a documentary festival. Those women have never left her thoughts.

With other students, she created a magazine for incarcerated people. She interviewed ex-offenders as they left prison and corresponded with lifers and gang leaders, some of which are still alive. Their stories shaped the magazine, which received nominations for Reuters Student Journalism of the Year (2007).

Nuala went on to work as a reporter and editor for national and international news publications in London. Today, she advises companies on marketing, government and media communications and volunteers in a mentorship capacity. She is passionate about justice reform and women in STEM.

Like many others, Nuala watched documentaries about Clinton and they proved so unsettling she wrote to him. The more she learned about the case from Clinton, Merel and research, the more the injustice was clear. She’s proud to call Clinton a friend and discuss global events, news and opinions with him.

Nuala joined the foundation as a team member in February 2021.