Our Story

Our Story

The goal of the Clinton Young Foundation is to raise awareness of injustices in capital cases and to prevent the execution of death-sentenced individuals in The United States by offering and spreading relevant information, lobbying, conducting research, and providing financial resources and legal assistance. The Foundation specifically focuses on the case of Clinton Young; a death-sentenced individual from Texas that has been convicted and sentenced to death for two capital murders that we believe he did not commit.

The Clinton Young Foundation has been established by Renate Bouwmeester in 2014. In 2017 Merel Pontier entered the Foundation as a member of the Executive Board. Anne-Sophie Scholtens, Emily Klair Bloom, and Paul Bloom joined the Executive Board in 2020. Together they constitute the daily management of the Foundation. As of September 2020, Merel is no longer a member of the Executive Board but the Legal Director and attorney for the Foundation. The Foundation is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 60425768.

Besides the Executive Board, the Foundation has a dedicated team of members, consisting of lawyers, jurists, law students, and marketing specialists.

‚ÄčNaturally, the Foundation has a non-profit objective. As of October 2020, the Clinton Young Foundation is also a US non-profit with a federal income tax exemption. This means it is now easy for Americans to donate to the Foundation, and get a tax benefit for federal taxes. The Foundation also has a similar status (ANBI status) in The Netherlands.¬†Foundations with an ANBI status are (strictly) monitored by the Dutch Tax Authority. In return, there are tax benefits. For Dutch people who donate to our Foundation, this means they could have a tax benefit if all conditions are met.

We believe in transparency and reliability. We think it is important for our donors to know what their money is being used for. Therefore, we publish our financial accountability statements each year. Besides the financials, we also publish our policy plan every two years. In this policy plan we tell you what the Foundation stands for, what our recent activities have been, and what activities we have planned for the future. As of now, we have only published it in Dutch, but we strive to publish both documents in English soon as well. If you have any questions about either one of these documents, please do not hesitate in contacting us.