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Merel was just interviewed by the Dutch magazine LINDA.meiden. Why did she start writing with an American prisoner? Translation below the image.

Merel Pontier (27) supports Clinton, who is sentenced to death.
‘Five years ago, after seeing a documentary about his case, I wrote a letter to Clinton Young in Texas. He didn’t get a fair trial and there are considerable doubts about his guilt. I am a legal advisor and worked for a law firm that defends death row inmates in Louisiana. At that time, I visited Clinton regularly. We stayed in touch after. It’s surreal to visit someone who has become a friend under such inhumane, strict circumstances. I have to pass security, I’m being scanned and searched. The guards put him in front of me in handcuffs. They listen in to our conversations and keep a close eye. Afterwards, Clinton returns to his cell, where he spends 22 hours a day in isolation. It has a big impact to see what hell he lives in, unjustly so. He writes me on a regular basis. Writing offers distraction. Together with legal advisor Renate Bouwmeester I run the Clinton Young Foundation, to raise money for his defense. This work has become my passion. There are more innocent people incarcerated that I’d like to help.’