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Code Red: The Death Penalty

Innocent on Death Row

The Last Chance

In January of 2014, Clinton was interviewed in a documentary for the first time. In the Dutch documentary ‘Code Red: The Death Penalty’, Jessica Villerius interviewed Clinton about his life on death row. After this documentary, Jessica started following Clinton’s case. In April of 2017, Jessica made a second documentary about Clinton. This time, it was fully focused on Clinton’s case. In ‘Innocent on Death Row’ (alternative titel: ‘Deal with Death’) Jessica investigates the evidence, talks to witnesses and family members and even speaks to a co-defendant. In October of 2017, Jessica’s third and last documentary on Clinton (‘The Last Chance’), aired on Dutch television just days before Clinton’s scheduled execution.

All these documentaries, especially ‘Innocent on Death Row’, are very interesting to watch in order to get an idea of all the injustices in Clinton’s case and how he ended up on death row.