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A new date has been set for Clinton’s evidentiary hearing! The evidentiary hearing, which has been postponed and canceled several times, is scheduled to take place in September. During the evidentiary hearing, which was granted in April 2018, the judge will look at whether or not David Page provided false testimony during Clinton’s trial in 2003. Several witnesses will be heard and additional evidence will be presented and examined. The judge will most likely not rule in September as this will probably take more time. We will keep you all updated about the hearing as much as we can.

During Clinton’s trial in 2003, David Page, himself a co-defendant in the case, was the star witness for the prosecution. Clinton’s conviction was largely based on the testimony of Page. 

So, what has David Page lied about?

According to David Page, Clinton was the one that shot Doyle Douglas in the head when the men (Doyle Douglas, Clinton Young, David Page, Mark Ray and Darnell McCoy) were in Douglas’ car. 

Being in the passenger seat, Clinton was not in the right position to be able to shoot Douglas in the left side of the head. Page, however, was standing right next to the car on the left side when Douglas got shot. Page was in the perfect position to shoot Douglas.

David Page also testified as a witness for the prosecution about the murder of Samuel Petrey, which took place less than two days after Douglas was killed. Page initially testified that Clinton kidnapped Petrey, and that Page himself was merely a bystander, having nothing to do with it.

However, in an October 2017 interview with the prosecution, David Page, for the first time, admitted to the kidnapping himself. This new statement is in complete contradiction with Page’s testimony at Clinton’s trial. Read it here for yourself:

Furthermore, Page testified during Clinton’s trial that Clinton had shot and killed Samuel Petrey. 

However, new evidence that emerged in 2017 – new testing on the gloves that were found at the crime scene – show a completely different account. In 2003, a pair of gloves were found at the crime scene of Petrey’s murder. David Page admitted these to be his gloves. It was established that these gloves were bought only a couply hours before Petrey’s murder. Before Clinton’s trial, the gloves were tested on DNA. Only Page’s DNA was found on the inside of the gloves, and Clinton’s DNA was excluded. Meaning Page was the only person who ever wore those gloves. In 2017, before Clinton’s scheduled execution, the gloves were tested for gunshot residue. Gunshot residue was found all over the gloves. The finding of the gunshot residue in combination with the fact that Page’s DNA was found inside the gloves, only leaves room for one conclusion, according to the expert: 

David Page wore the gloves on the night of Petrey’s murder. Gunshot residue was found on the outside of the gloves. The expert determined that the person who was wearing the gloves also fired a gun. There was only one incident in which a gun was fired that night; the shooting and killing of Petrey. There is no other way than that David Page has to be the killer of Samuel Petrey.

These issues, amongst other things, will likely come up during the evidentiary hearing that will take place in September this year. We will keep you updated via our website, newsletter and social media.