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With only a few days of 2019 left, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the past year.

This year, the Clinton Young Foundation has expanded with 4 new volunteers. We’ve given lectures at multiple schools and universities, launched a new website and were in the media several times. And of course, Merel moved to Austin to study law at the University of Texas.

Clinton turned 36 this year. Although we are relieved he has made it to this birthday, it also means that Clinton has now been imprisoned for more than half of his life (of which 16 years in isolation on death row). As for his case: the evidentiary hearing that was granted in April of 2018 was cancelled twice. In addition, a very serious type of prosecutorial misconduct was discovered that left everyone stunned.

What will happen next year? If all goes according to plan, a status hearing will take place in January of 2020 in preparation for the long awaited evidentiary hearing. During the evidentiary hearing, a judge will determine whether or not David Page provided false testimony against Clinton in 2003. We are optimistic things are finally moving along. Of course, we will keep you informed about any legal news via the newsletter, our website, and social media.

On behalf of Clinton and the whole team: thank you very much for your support this year! Whether you have donated to the foundation, have written Clinton a letter, left a comment on our social media, told your friends about Clinton or simply kept him in your thoughts – we are grateful you are a part of his support system and he is not forgotten.

Happy holidays!

Renate, Merel, Anne-Sophie, Carlijn, Justine, and Elyse